Solace Vapor Nicotine Salts Cutie 60mL eLiquid Globs Juice Co Globelcone 100mL
Solace Vapor Nicotine Salts
JR's Price: $9.99
Your Price: $8.99
JR's Price: $22.99
JR's Price: $19.99
Solace Salts hosts an array of fantastic flavors that cover the spectrum of customer's preferences. Fill Your Pod! Fresh & tangy tiny mandarin oranges blended with sweet milk tea. Caramelized cookie dough ice cream packed into a crisp cone.
Blueberry Heavy Cream 120ml Vapetasia 100mL Blackberry Lemonade Globs Juice Co Globdrops 100mL
Blueberry 120ml
JR's Price: $29.99
Your Price: $22.99
Blackberry Lemonade
List Price: $24.99
JR's Price: $19.99
JR's Price: $19.99
A perfect blend of delicious Blueberries and Heavy Cream's velvety smooth cream base. A mixture of succulent blackberries and sweet lemons for a tangy and delicious blend. A carefully crafted sweet & sour candy combination.
Cinnamon Smart Toothpicks Coast eLiquid 60mL Reign Coast eLiquid 60mL Dough
List Price: $6.99
JR's Price: $4.99
JR's Price: $22.99
JR's Price: $22.99
Cinnamon Flavored Toothpick Infused with 3mg of Nicotine. A refreshing Blue Sports Drink with crisp blueberry and citrus notes. Creamy Crunch Rice Crispy treat with layers of warm butterscotch and sweet caramel. Tastes like a butterscotch cookie dough to JR!

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